Helpful in 51 Ailments – Guru Prasadam

Guru Prasadam is a purely vegetarian natural blend of a special type of carom seeds (ajwainee), herbs and herbal extracts prepared whilst chanting sacred mantras. It’s natural, safe and effective.

This Guru Prasadam essentially targets 3 core general disorders of the body.

These being:

  • Digestive and gastric problems,
  • Bodily pains of different kinds,
  • Mucus/phlegm formation & blockages.

Almost all health problems stem from one or all of these disorders. The combined different herbs in Guru Prasadam target all these 3 disorders to balance them gradually.

It starts purifying your body by detoxing it right from the day one. The next stage arrives as the healing herbs in Guru Prasadam start clearing the blockages that we build up over time in our bodies because of the imbalanced lifestyle including bad diets and stress. Then the herbs balance and heal your body.­

When the above mentioned 3 areas start to clear, the body is able to fight against all the big and small health issues.

Guru Prasadam Blessed Seeds That Can Heal The World.

Guru Prasadam Supports in Curing the Diseases like Toxin Free Body, Piles Fisher, Cold & Cough, Labor Pain, Acne & Pimple’s, Vitality & Stamina, Memory, All Types of Allergy, Asthma, Vomiting, Arthritis, Ladies Problems, Male Problems, Physical & Mental Stress, Sleep Disorder, Eczema, Irregular Pulse, Hernia, Hiccup, Fits, Jaundice, Cancer, Baldness, Skin Disease, Paralysis, Ear Problems, Lack of Appetite, Edema, Stone, Kidney Problem (Nephritic Syndrome), Malaria / Dengue, Anemia, Constipation, Indigestion, Blood Pressure, Teeth Problem, Heart Problem, Urine Infection, Eye Problem, DNS Sinus Problem, Weight Optimization, Cervical, Back Pain, Numbness, Stomacworms, Cholesterol, Liver, Diabetes, Uric Acid, Acidity & Gas Problem, Migraine, etc.

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