Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pains โ€“ Sandhivat Hair Oil

Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pains โ€“ Sandhivat Har Oil
Best Ayurvedic Oil for Knee Pain Osteoarthritis (Joint Pain)

Before we look at the Ayurvedic treatment of Joint Pain and Ayurvedic Oil for Knee Pain or Joint Pain, Letโ€™s first understand What Osteoarthritis is and its causes

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a type of joint disease that results from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. It is also called Sandhigata Vata.

It results in the wearing down of the protective tissue at the ends of bones (i.e. cartilage) occurs gradually and worsens over time.

Joint pain in the hands, neck, lower back, knees or hips is the most common symptom.

Medication, physiotherapy and sometimes surgery can help reduce pain and maintain joint movement However, good news is that Ayurveda has been an effective and safe alternative treatment for Joint Pain or Osteoarthritis therefore we must give it a try (Ayurvedic Oil for Knee Pain Osteoarthritis)

In Ayurveda SandhiVata oil (Ayurvedic Oil for Knee Pain Osteoarthritis) is the most effective and safe treatment for all types of joint pains. It offers quick relief and is also a very effective ayurvedic cure

With growing number of adults complaining of Knee Pain or Joint Pain, It has become extremely important to take good care of our health and body. People who suffer the most are elderly people.

Findings in a survey revealed that people mainly complain of following types of pain : joint pain, shoulder pain, hip and ankle pain. It is further reported that Joint pain/Knee Pain is among the fastest growing problem and is affecting not only old people but adults too.

It may go away in a few weeks, or last for several weeks or months and furthermore it can even become chronic hence we must take good care of it.

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