How Do I Pay For Guru Prasadam Product Purchase?

Guru Prasadam offers multiple payment methods. For all kinds of online payments, you can be assured that our credible payment gateway partners make use of secure encryption technology which keeps the transaction details confidential.

You may use internet Banking / Debit Card / Net Banking / Cash Cards issued in India.

  • Payments are processed via ICICI First Data Payment Gateway secure website.
  • MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards / Debit or ATM Card
  • Wire / Bank / Fund Transfer

Is It Safe To Use My Credit/Debit Card On ?

All credit card/debit card payments made on are processed through secure and reliable payment gateways managed by reputed banks. Banks now make use of 3D secure password service for every kind of online transactions, thus providing an additional layer of security via identity verification.

Can I Use My Bank’s Mobile Banking Feature To Make Payment?

Yes, of course. Guru Prasadam offers you to use your bank’s Internet Banking service to make payment for your order. With this service, you can transfer funds directly from your bank account, while carrying out a highly secured transaction.

Customer Bank Detail Verification

Since our system supports Automatic Address Verification (AVS), prior dispatching the order, if customer’s address is ‘not matched’ or ‘not supported’ with their respective banks, we manually check the customer’s billing address. This may delay the dispatch duration, as soon as billing address is verified, the order is dispatched immediately. It is advisable to keep the transaction receipt handy.