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51 CARE NORMAL GURU PRASADAM Nowadays everyone is so busy chasing their needs and wants, that we often tend to neglect our health. We don’t eat on time, we eat whatever comes our way and we don’t eat for health but for taste. As a result, we end up getting affected by many types of ailments and disorders. One biggest challenge these days is lack of immunity, it results from our wrong food habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and degrading environment and most importantly, stress! All these accumulate to disrupt body organs and their functions. The stomach is the most important body organ in the human body. If we could only look after our Digestive System, we could save ourselves from so many health problems. Because through the digestive system only, all the 75 trillion cells of our body get all the nutrients & energy to survive and function. If it gets the slightest disorder or imbalance, it can become the root cause of various indigestion problems and diseases in the body. 51 Care comprises of effective natural herbs that are known to keep stomach functionality in the best of the health and metabolism in tip-top condition. And hence, it leads to overall improved health and energy.

Functions & Benefits:

51 CARE NORMAL GURU PRASADAM is a herbal composition that acts as an efficient anti-oxidant,  effective cleanser, and a metabolic stimulator. It aids digestion, gives relief from constipation and cleanses the gastrointestinal area which is the best detox for our body and liver. It not only cleanses the colon but is exceptionally efficient for the functionality of the liver and improved secretion of stomach juices. Being a state-of-the-art and highly efficient ayurvedic the firm, we have formulated this wonderful herbal preparation.

Amongst patients complaining of gastric and blockage problems, 51 care formulated by us has been proven really effective and most sought after.

Ailments for which 51 CARE NORMAL GURU PRASADAM has been proven quite effective are:

  • Weight loss
  • Flatulence
  • Bloatedness
  • Acidity
  • Cough and cold
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Back pain
  • Hernia
  • Pain caused by Disc problems
  • Cervical
  • Body inflammation
  • Thyroid
  • And many more


In a glass, take 3 gms of 51 CARE NORMAL GURU PRASADAM in hot water. Keep it aside for 20 minutes. Have it after dinner, don’t chew the herbs, just swallow them completely. Or in summer you could filter it and just drink the water. Don’t eat anything for the next one hour.

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