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Constipation Yog

Constipation is precisely a lifestyle disorder when a person drinks less water or consume excessive amount of junk food. Moreover, inappropriate hours of work, odd hours of sleep and stress add fuel to the fire. Intake of fresh fruits, fibrous food and green leafy vegetables has reduced which plays a major role in constipation.

How Yoga Help In Relieving Constipation?

Yoga helps refresh the body and increase oxygen supply and blood flow in the system. Most asanas in yoga involve the pelvic movement, and this, to a great extent, helps in reducing constipation. Few asanas a day shall take care of the irregular bowel movements and reduce straining and bloating of the stomach.

Yoga Asanas for Constipation Relief

Baddha Konsana

When you bend forward in the Cobbler Pose, it helps arouse and cure the digestive system. You get relief from cramping, bloating and gas. Practicing this asana helps in reducing stress that aids in proper digestion.


The Plow Pose or the Halasana is a comforting pose for those affected with constipation (of course). It gently rubs the intestines and thus removes all the toxins from the body. This yoga asana is regarded as an inversion. Thatโ€™s why, it enhances the blood flow in the pelvic region and it gives digestion a good boost.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

In Ardha Matsyendrasana asana, it gently rubs the spleen, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, colons and liver. It not only detoxifies the region but also helps in improving the bowel movements, thus provides relief in constipation.


The Peacock Pose or the Mayurasana help improve digestion and reverses the ill effects of unhealthy food. This yoga asana increases the intra-abdominal pressure that, in turn helps in reducing the swelling of the spleen and liver. This yog asana tones up the bowels and controls its movements as well.

Along with the above asanas, herbal remedies provided byย Abhimantrit Guruprasadam Yogย for Inflammation Bowel Disease are also quite effective in the treatment of IBD and shows excellent recovery results in the patients. These herbal medicines are:

  • Sukhvirechana Vati
  • Kabj Mukt Powder
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