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Cyst (Rasoli) Yog

Problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or ovarian cysts have become quite ordinary these days and it has bought a whole lot of awareness among ladies to take care of their bodies over their normal routines. A schedule without following a well-balanced diet and with lack of physical activity or exercise has become the root cause of PCOS. And hence as a solution to this issue, we have come up with yoga asanas that may help women dealing with ovarian cysts.

Yoga helps PCOS symptoms with its deep, relaxation exercises. The yoga asana helps maintain endocrine glands, thus helping resolving psychological issues, infertility and weight. Here are some best yoga asanas for ladies suffering with ovarian cysts.

Butterfly Pose:

also called as Purna Titli Asana, the butterfly pose is quite very simple and helps in opening up the hips. It is one of the excellent stretching exercise meant for thighs that help in relieving stress.

Cobra Pose:

The specific yoga asana aims at relieving stress and anxiety above and beyond improving the blood circulation.


Also known by the name of Bharadvajaโ€™s twist, this yoga helps in improving metabolism and restoring the abdominal organs. This yoga asana is specifically suited for pregnant women.

Chakki Chalanasana:

This yoga asana is called as โ€˜moving the grinding wheelโ€™ and has numerous benefits. Prominently, it helps in improving the abdominal organs function.

Along with the above asanas, herbal remedies provided by Abhimantrit Guruprasadam (Rasoli) Cysts Yog are also quite effective in treating (Rasoli) Cysts and shows excellent recovery results in the patients. These herbal medicines are:

  • Kanchnar Guggul
  • Infection Care Prasadam
  • Seabuckthorn Oil Capsule
  • Shri Shiv Hari Yog Prasadam
  • Arogyavardhini Vati
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