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The word antibiotic has originated comes from Greek, where in Greek, ‘anti’ means ‘against’ and bios means ‘life’. Antibiotics are also called as anti bacterials, which are drugs used for treating infections caused by bacteria. Now, what are bacteria? Bacteria are minute organisms which may at times become a cause of sickness in humans and animals.

Antibiotics are those types of medications which help slow down or destroy bacterial growth. Antibiotics are used for curing infections caused by bacteria. Antibiotics are used for killing or slowing down the bacterial growth. While you may think of antibiotics as modern medicine, they are being used since centuries. Like a lot of today’s antibiotics, the original antibiotics are derived from natural sources.

Some food items, essential oils and certain plant extracts have antibiotic properties. For instance, some vegetable and food extracts can prevent bacterial growth in food. Though modern medicine has been advertizing the miracles of chemical drugs, herbal antibiotics as well have now come up at the same par of modern medicine. By offering phenomenal effects on health and welfare of mankind, herbs have gained equal value like modern medications have. Drug-based antibiotics have some malicious side effects attached to them; hence, the demand for natural antibiotics has gone way too high.

At Guru Prasadam, with the aid of large processing/production facilities, we have been able to bulk demands of herbal antibiotic most efficiently. For formulating these herbal products as per the FDA set norms, our experts make use of quality assured herbs and latest processing technology. Our processing facility is housed with latest tools and machinery, which results in comfortable production under a single roof.



½-1 tablet with honey twice a day.

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