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Jyotishmati, also known by its botanical name, Celastrus paniculatus is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that is widely used in the field of Ayurveda because of its immaculate properties and benefits. It is quite effective in strengthening the mind and increasing memory.

Jyotishmati Oil is herbal Ayurvedic, oil which is used for external application over the affected area. It is a compound herbal oil that is a prominent solution for cough, asthma migraine, hysteria, etc. It is a known anti-oxidant and pain reliever that can be used in the treatment of epilepsy, convulsion, improves sleep, memory, Psychosis and many more disorders.

All medicines that we process at GuruPrasadam have been well-researched, quality tested and developed by our professionals and scientists. They are experts in identifying natural herbs and applying the composition that passes the safety tests as well.

Features of product
  • 100% safe to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick response
Health Benefits:
  • It improves brain functioning that strengthens the mind.
  • It shows a significant reduction in depression and anxiety.
  • Help cope up with anxiety, emotional stress and physical tiredness and also an effective mood alleviator.
  • It is a well-known brain tonic that helps increase memory.

15-16 drops with milk or as directed by the physician.

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