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In the divine presence of Sant Trilochan Darshan Das Ji, this Kheer Prasadamย was started 20 years back and has shown miraculous healing power which helps inย Asthma, Allergies and many other Diseases. Since last 20 Years lakhs of peopleย  have been benefited with this Prasadam.
How To make Kheer Prasad
1. Empty the contents of Ayurvedic mixture into 2 glasses(400-500 ml) of water for 2 hours or more. Boil this concoction on low flame until it remains only 1/4 (100ml). Filter the concoction & keep it for later use. Add the mishri in
ย  ย the concoction & leave it to cool for a bit.
2. Empty the special rice from packet & soak in water for 2 hours. Boil on low flame for half an hour or put in pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles, when cooked well filter & place aside.
3. Pour 1 glass milk (300ml) in a pan & add 50 ml of water to it. Add the special rice into the pan. Cook on low flame for half an hour. Remove and add the concoction from step 1 in it. Stir well, Kheer Prasadam is ready.
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Note:โ€“ This Kheer Prasadam is available in raw form (Dry Material) only. So you can make it at home. All the instructions of preparation are given inside the box. So you can prepare it easily at home according to the given instructions.


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