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Paralysis Yog

Paralysis is a condition in which the body experiences loss of muscle function in a specific part of the body or most of the part of the body. It can be restricted to a specific part or may affect the whole body as well. It may affect the person in any part of the body and at any time in their lifespan. The first symptom is the incapability to feel pain or any other sensation in the whole body or specific area.

Yoga for paralysis provides various yoga asanas by which the patients gain muscle coordination. Furthermore, carrying out yoga asana helps in stretching the body that has positive influence on the muscular system that comprises bones and spine. The tension formed because of the muscle inactivity or the nerve damage will be cured by yoga.

Yoga Poses That May Help Cure Paralysis:
Mountain Pose

The mountain pose brings more relaxation, stillness, strength, immovable stability and more power. This yoga helps a lot in getting rid of paralysis.

Child Pose

Child pose is a yoga Position that normalizes the blood circulation after performing head stand. This yoga helps in countering the extensive stretches that happens because of the Head Stand in the back and Spine. It is quite useful for Brainโ€™s Functions and thus helps in preventing Paralysis as well.

Easy Pose

This yoga asana one is a classic Yoga and Meditation Pose. It needs to be done after the Corpse Pose. This yoga helps the Spine in Straightening up. It helps in slowing down the metabolism and keep the mind still.

Along with the above asanas, herbal remedies provided by Abhimantrit Guruprasadam Paralysis Yog are also quite effective in treating Paralysis and shows excellent recovery results in the patients. These herbal medicines are :

  • Paralysis Care
  • Cardio Care Prasadam
  • Neuro Care Prasadam
  • Seabuckthorn Oil Capsule
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