Frequently Asked Questions

The word Guru means spiritual enlightener. Prasadam means blessing. Guruprasadam means “the blessing of the Guru”. This spiritualised herbal preparation of Guru Prasadam is a blessing from Sant Trilochan Darshan Das-ji. The blend contains natural spice, herbs, and herbal extracts, all formulated for enhanced well-being.

Thousands of people have reported benefits such as reduction in stomach acidity, better digestion, relief from constipation, pain reduction, less arthritic pain, better diabetic control, better control of blood pressure, improvement in heart symptoms, improved mental calmness, better sleep, enhanced mood, and a much better ability to fight off serious illnesses.

Guruprasadam is a purely vegetarian natural blend of carom (ajwainee), herbs, and herbal extracts, prepared in the Sachkhand Loni Darbar Sahib centre, under the spiritual auspices of Sant Trilochan Darshan Das ji.

Everyone from the age of two years and upwards can take Guru Prasadam. Children, and persons who have serious illnesses should take a reduced amount. Guru Prasadam is to be taken in the evening after dinner, only once a day. Pregnant women are advised not to take the preparation at all.

To date, thousands of consumers have taken Guru Prasadam with generally little or no reported side effects. A few persons have initially felt a sense of increased body heat. This can be addressed by increasing water intake. In such circumstances, please don’t swallow the seeds, and only drink the liquid of Guru Prasadam.

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Guru Prasadam is not presented as a medication but as a sacred herbal supplement to increase your overall well-being, in a short space of time. Please consult a doctor about any necessary adjustments to medications.

Take Guru Prasadam daily for about three months. However, the amount will have to be adjusted according to response and changing hot or cold weather. You could continue Guru Prasadam for longer periods if you are dealing with a stressful lifestyle. It is perfectly safe to use for very long periods.

Yes, you can take Guru Prasadam. Guru Prasadam intention is to confer spiritual healing and your overall well being.

You can order more Guruprasadam at www.guruprasadam.in. Also, you can order by phone at the given phone numbers of the allocated international spiritual centers.

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine has evolved over thousands of years. In Indian culture it is considered part of their food culture, and is seen as an ordinary part of diet that can influence a person’s well being. It uses many hundreds of different herbs described in the Indian pharmacopeia that are combined into carefully composed formulas to suit an individuals immediate requirements.

After calling Guruprasadam a helpline executive will speak through your issues. They will guide you once receiving information from you the patient. subsequently matching your condition to our list of many Ayurvedic Medicines and Yog’s Combos.

Ayurvedic Indian medicines can be used to treat the widest range of conditions from skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, to hormonal issues such as PMS, fertility and menopause through to digestive and respiratory problems and allergic and autoimmune diseases. Many conditions, especially in their chronic forms, present great difficulty for conventional medicine whereas Ayurvedic Indian Medicine can produce remarkable results. For a full list of conditions that may be helped, please visit the website.

Yes, they are ready to use, the instructions on the labelling and packaging are clear with full directions.

It is important they are stored correctly, preferably in a cool dark place. Avoid direct sunlight or direct exposure to heat. Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines should only be taken by the patient in question and should be safely kept out of reach of children.

The Directions on how to consume each product are clearly written on the label. In general all Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines and products should be taken on an empty stomach either before or after meals in the morning or evenings as indicated on the packaging.

There are many which are listed on the website. We use a very secure transaction portal with the latest security available anywhere on the internet across the world.

This is a requisite set by our couriers for efficiency of delivery and handling. The vast majority of all order are below this weight so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Stored under the correct conditions, we have a shelf life of up to 24 months from the date of production on the majority of our products. Please check individual labelling for short life perishable Products.

You can visit the online portal and order directly through the website securely and hassle free.

Delivery within india normally takes 2-3 working days whilst International order are received typically within 10 working days.

Herbal Karas are part of your normal food intake, please follow the instructions on each guruprasadam packet, unless instructed otherwise. It is best to drink one glass of the prepared Guruprasadam either before your morning meal or before your evening meal.

Because each herbal guruprasadam is unique therefore the taste of each product will vary. Generally, Ayurvedic herbal products and medicines can taste a little strange at first to our Western palates, but despite initial impressions most people get used to the taste and have no problem drinking them fairly quickly.

Yes – but it is best to try and get used to the taste — most people do so quite quickly. Natural Honey is often used to sweeten a kara and disguise the taste.

Anything that comes into contact with our bodies or that we eat or drink can potentially cause an allergic reaction. Thus all natural things can cause an allergic reaction, although adverse reactions are extremely rare with Ayurvedic Herbs. If in doubt, stop consumption contact your General Medical Practitioner immediately.

This shouldn’t happen, though occasionally, your condition may change slightly before settling down. If in doubt, please call Guruprasadam and speak to a member of the medical team.

Stop eating for the time being and call Guruprasadam Medical team for advice.

Ayurvedic Indian Herbal medicines although work very gradually they have long lasting effects. Usually patients should continue treatment for a period of 3-6-12 months depending on their initial severity and continue if used as a control for a specific medical condition

If it’s a simple common cold or head cold, then it should be fine for you to continue. If in doubt, phone Guruprasadam medical line for specific advise.

Yes under no circumstances should you reduce or stop any treatment prescribed by your Doctor or medical consultant. It is advisable to recheck your condition and dosages if your symptoms change at any point. Your Doctor will then alter the dose or treatment accordingly. Under no circumstances should you self diagnose and Guruprasadam does not encourage it.

This depends very much upon the severity of the condition being treated and whether it is chronic or acute.

Try not to forget! It is beneficial to build up a continuity with the treatment for it to take full effect. If you do forget, then start again as soon as you can and continue as before.

Depending on the condition being treated, it is best to avoid excessively spicy, rich or greasy foods. In short – moderation in all things is the best way. You should drink at least 3 litres of water daily.

at Guruprasadam we encourage everybody to lead a life which abstains from taking alcohol non vegetarian foods alongside intoxicants of any kind. If you are unable to follow these lifestyle choices it will not have any effect on the effectiveness of the products your are taking.

As a general rule, yes. Speak to Guruprasadam about our range of health supplements available.

You must check local customs regulations but in general.To avoid potential delays going through Customs, we recommend taking the invoice copy with you which should be for your own personal use.

Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine can have a beneficial effect on many different acute and chronic conditions. Please browse the website for more information or call Guruprasadam

If you are planning pregnancy or trying to get pregnant, be sure to tell your Medical General Practitioner. we have an excellent Ayurvedic range to aid increasing fertility and assisting a healthy pregnancy. But please mention this and call Guruprasadam medical team on the product you are taking

Yes. Ayurvedic Herbal medicines are very effective for treating wide range of conditions in patients of all ages. They are also very effective as a tonic for general well-being. When properly comsumed they can be taken by all ages including babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly. But please speak with the medical Team at Guruprasadam for correct dosages and product suitability.

They are safe for all patients including babies and children. We often treat children only a few months old with good results. Please phone for product dosages and suitability.

Yes they are safe, although there are always risks to taking any medication, adverse reactions to Indian Ayurvedic herbs are extremely rare and in comparison to Western pharmaceuticals, they have remarkably few side effects. To minimise further any risk, it is and has been the policy at Guruprasadam to do advise regular liver function tests to it’s patients.

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