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Indigestion occurs when the acid in the stomach returns back to the esophagus. This condition arises when the sphincter or valve, present at the top of the stomach doesnโ€™t work well. The medical terminology for this state is called Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Indigestion may also occur when the stomach is inflamed or irritated.

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Features of product
  • 100% safe to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick response
Symptoms of Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain, fullness or discomfort in the chest or upper part of the abdomen
  • Belching, burping or flatulence
  • Feeling sick
  • Frequent and unexplained symptoms of indigestion
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Blood in the vomit, even if it’s only a few dots of blood.
  • Severe pain in the stomach
Causes of Indigestion

Stomach acid helps in digesting food and provides protection against infection. Mucous layer lines the bowel, esophagus, and stomach that act as a barrier against the acid. If the mucous layer gets damaged, the stomach acid may irritate the underlying tissues. Or, in another case, if the valve at the top of the stomach doesnโ€™t work properly, stomach acid may rupture the esophagus, which in turn leads to indigestion.

Lifestyle Causes

Some of the following causes can cause symptoms of indigestion:

  • Smoking
  • An excessive amount of alcohol consumption
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Medicines, like, anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin
  • Certain foods and drinks can relax the sphincter at the join between the stomach and esophagus and may arise the symptoms of indigestion
  • Being obese or overweight may enhance the pressure on the stomach and contribute to indigestion.
Health Benefits of Sukhvirechana Vati
  • Used in Verechana (Purgation) therapy which is meant to cure Pitta imbalance.
  • Help keep the Pitta and Vata doshas in a balanced condition.
  • Aids in proper motion without much effort, thereby preventing problems, like, Fistula, Piles, and Fissures.
  • Maintains and enhances body metabolism
  • Helpsย  in chronic constipation as well
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