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The balance between all the 3 doshas represents perfect health and doshic inequality lead to poor health. Numerous Ayurvedic remedies, such as yoga, herbs, essential oils, meditation, balanced diet, Ayurvedic routine, and physical exercises are highly recommended to set the balance between all these 3 doshas.

Oil is used in Ayurvedic healing in a lot many ways, comprising cooking, raw consumption, bathing, massage, gargling, Nasya (nasal passage nourishment) and Basti (colon nourishment).

Health Benefits of GuruPrasadam Dasgun Oil
  • It helps in the treatment of burnt skin, rheumatoid arthritis, non-healing wounds.
  • It also acts as a muscle relaxant and soothes burns, Eczema, heals nail fungus and cracked heels.
  • It effectively cures skin infections, rashes, etc.
  • It helps in getting rid of the infection, embedded in tissues.
  • It helps in eliminating or even reducing pain.
Direction for Use

Massage gently in the affected area.

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